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PostSubject: Aquamarine   Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:28 pm


 Aquamarine is a good stone to take with you when travelling by boat or over water.
It is with the beryl family and has got very protective talisman qualities.
Its name is derived from the Latin language word of seawater known as water of the sea.
This stone is also known as the Sailors stone, which is primarily a good stone to keep with you if you are venturing out across the sea as it gives a good protective energy for all of its companions.

Not only is it fairly proactive in offering its protection it can also clear the aura and cleanse the spiritual and physical body of energy. It can realign chakras and balance them as well as remove blockages from the aura itself. It can improve quality communication from the wearer of the stone to benefit others in the long run, with this stone its best to let your voice be heard over the masses, but in a gentle and tactful approach.

This stone helps with alleviating the fears of speaking out loud to each other, and is also a good stone to overcome shyness in groups and aquamarine is a good stone to work with when it comes to diffusing complicated misunderstandings that can create conflict within groups as it naturally soothes the energy and sends aquamarine rays of peaceful healing light to the situation.
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