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 Stormfaerie's introduction

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PostSubject: Stormfaerie's introduction   Fri Sep 02, 2016 3:15 pm

Hi, I'm Stormfaerie. A bit about me? Well, where to start...

I'm 29 years old from Colchester, UK and am firmly rooted on this path. My path derives from the mind body and spirit avenue of knowledge. I love to help others with my psychic and medium ability to work with spirit and any higher being that is willing to connect to convey messages of love and confirmation across to whomever is Sitting at the time.

I love to watch the night sky when drawn and also work with the starry energy. I am able to read and work with tools or no tools and am constantly expanding my horizons with new ways of reading and working with my intuition. I am learning about magickal knowledge and the magickal perspective. I have also done some crystal healing and I also do some earth healing on a regular basis in meditation.

I have built this site to work with people with similar interests in the magickal or earth-centered pathway with mind body and spirit elements of knowledge. I hope it becomes a family of support reaching out to all those people in need of comfort and confirmation from Spirit and the Higher Beings of Love that do good work to help people on earth living a reality with a spiritual or magickal perspective. 

I do ask that you as a participating member please set aside your ego when venturing into our Loving Home and Sacred Learning Space and respect other people using your own initative and common sense to determine when to lend your support to them be it through mutual true friendship of good standing or by being a friend and welcoming them into the  site, or just lending a listening ear... either way, work with positive intentions at all times and just be yourselves always. Walk your own paths, not anybody else's and stay true to them, always.

In our site we hope that it does indeed become a family networking community for ALL souls over 18+ as we are indeed a UK free non-profit community chat site. If you are interested in being an active member in our Home. Respect this space as to how you'd like for your home to be respected.

I look forward to reading your introduction posts.

Peaceful Blessings
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Stormfaerie's introduction
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