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 Rose Quartz - The Lovely Relationship Stone

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PostSubject: Rose Quartz - The Lovely Relationship Stone   Thu Sep 01, 2016 12:51 pm

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the LOVE Stone. Its energetic consciousness connects to the heart center. This stone works witht every type of love, be it platonic, family, self-love, romantic and unconditional. It can be a strong magnifier of the heart and come in particularly useful for when sorting the heart's burdens. It also opens the heart center and allows the new love for Self in.

Rose Quartz essences soothe the soul and can be a harmonizer to the body's subtle energy vibrations.  It can heal emotional wounds and help us navigate our way back to steam from emotional trauma, by being in  touch with our true selves, the love kindled from within shows us that rose quartz is true to itself and those it helps with its energy.

Place Rose Quartz in all four corners of the building of the house which you are living in if you wish to invite the graciousness and graceful energy of the heartstone. If you are looking to ward off old love and intimate feelings for another place rose quartz on the LEFT hand side of the home. To attract new love in place underneath your bed where you sleep or on the RIGHT Hand side of the home. If you are wanting rose quartz to PROTECT, hang it up in the window of your home and KNOW That rose quartz will indeed send out a crystalline beam of light to protect your homespace.
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Rose Quartz - The Lovely Relationship Stone
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