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 Our Forum Guidelines

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PostSubject: Our Forum Guidelines    Tue Aug 30, 2016 2:03 pm

By joining as a Member and by participating in this site, you agree that you are over the age of 18 years old and you are aware of the guidelines that we have colloborated and put together for this community to flourish and grow in mutual understanding of respect and true friendship. Since Witchaven is a UK non-profit community site we do stand by our belief that knowledge and wisdom on here is freely offered and guidance is to be kept freely offered for those that are willing to sit for us to receive practice readings and energy healing(s) 1-2-1 and group sessions. We do not charge for ANY of these services.

We are opening the doors to our family home for all witches, wisecraftians, spiritualists, mystics, mediums, psychics and workers of the light alike to come together to form a new family community where all positive workings are welcomed and this is indeed a sacred learning zone which is peaceful for all that wish to join. So one thing we do firmly suggest is... Don't bring any egos or other site conflict in here as this space is firmly protected and guided by the loving and higher intentions of the Spirit World, Angels and us.

If you are invited to join as part of the Team please understand that everyone is on equal footing as with anyone else on site. Staff Members and our Regular Members are to be perceived as equal with no ego in sight. Acceptance in this circle is a must.... you are amongst friends here, not enemies. Positive intentions in all workings on site are a must at all times; Anyone found guilty of Spamming, Idling, Trolling will be asked to leave.... or banished from our site. We hope that it doesn't come down to that, ever... but sometimes the case of situation does warrant it.

With Regards to Practice readings and healing sessions... everyone has free will and freedom of choice and its that which decides the open-ended outcome of your practice reading or healing session. We are firm believers that if Spirit do come through to Connect that you are respectful of them and civil, to talk to them as you would a with an ordinary person... it is a learning process for both of you.... The future isn't set in stone.... and if you are working with psychic energy first to open up with then work with that first and keep Spirit separate from the psychic work. But we do welcome all new ways of learning as well as the old, so you would be more than welcome to practice in our site if you choose to do so as a volunteer reader... all work is done with volunteers... nobody is obligated to be in site 24/7 as we do have regular lifestyles to work with and live. You must be Sound of Mind to work with Spirit on this site.

Healing Sessions must be completed with Positive Intentions, they are offered freely with no additional charge. Any medical issues or advice must be taken to your local GP, doctor, counsellor, or other medical professional before further action is taken.

Exchange of other members websites are welcomed here please post in the appropiate section. Staff reserve the right to amend these guidelines when deemed suitable or when the need arises to amend them.

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Our Forum Guidelines
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